Diagram showing the ECI as the intersection of policy, technologies, legal, society, economics and efficiency.

The ECI provides authoritative leadership in energy change research through a broad portfolio of major, internationally recognised fields of energy diversification, and by addressing key issues surrounding energy implementation.

Research in Energy Change at ANU covers a complete spectrum from energy science, engineering, efficiency and technology, to implementation expertise in the economic, legal, sociological and policy issues surrounding Energy Change.

This broad portfolio of research activity is unique in the country.

Research clusters

Artificial photosynthesis

Artificial Photosynthesis

The Artificial Photosynthesis research effort at ANU involves the collaborative efforts of four ARC funded research groups and 25 staff. The group’s research areas...

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Carbon capture & storage

Carbon Capture & Storage

One way to reduce greenhouse emissions while minimising disruption to high-carbon industries is to capture the emitted carbon dioxide before it enters the atmosphere,...

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Energy & security

Energy and Security

The relationship between Energy and Security may have originated from supply chain risks in the delivery of energy products, but it now incorporates a broader set of...

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Energy economics & policy

Energy Economics & Policy

Expertise in energy economics and policy at ANU is concentrated in the Crawford School of Public Policy and the Research School of Economics and draws on disciplinary...

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Energy efficiency & demand management

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and demand management strategies are central to reducing energy demand growth. Investing in energy efficiency and demand management is also the...

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Image of house with a solar home system, Nakawakawa village, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Energy for Development

Energy poverty, or the lack of access to modern energy services, is a significant global development challenge. Modern energy services facilitate economic activity and...

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Energy regulation & governance

Energy Regulation & Governance

Energy Regulation & Governance includes research programmes in: Global governance of artificial photosynthesis, energy and nanotechnology, and nanotechnology and...

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Energy Sociology & Risk

The transition from fossil-fuel-based energy systems to a largely renewable energy future raises a host of social and political issues. This is particularly true for...

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Hydrogen fuel cells

Energy Storage and Recovery

Short-term energy storage is becoming increasingly important to smooth out peaks of high energy demand and low energy supply.  This research cluster comprises of three...

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Energy-Water Nexus

Responding to climate change, meeting expanding energy demand and sustaining freshwater resources are three of the greatest challenges facing society. There are...

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Enhanced oil & gas extraction

Enhanced Oil & Gas Extraction

A major aim of this research cluster is to facilitate extraction of oil and gas reserves in the most optimal and sustainable manner. The goal is to reduce the...

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Fusion power

Fusion Power

Fusion is the process that powers the sun and stars. It has the potential to deliver effectively limitless, clean, base-load power for future generations. Fusion...

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Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen has the potential to provide the missing link between renewable energy - such as wind and solar power - and industrial energy users that have yet to find a...

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Nuclear science

Nuclear Science

Nuclear Science research at ANU is based at the Department of Nuclear Physics, Research School of Physics and Engineering, which hosts 45 staff and students (both...

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Biosolar energy

Renewable Fuels

Research into renewable fuels at ANU takes place at the Research School of Chemistry, the Research School of Biology and the Research School of Engineering. At the...

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Smart Grid

In the future, the electricity grid will feature millions of intermittent and distributed generation sources, support many electric vehicles, and give greater...

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Solar photovoltaics

Solar Photovoltaics

Photovoltaics research at ANU is at the global cutting edge, spanning the entire spectrum of solar electricity technologies—from solar forecasting, to fabricating high...

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Solar thermal

Solar Thermal

Our leading-edge research encompasses basic sciences, engineering and techno-economics for development and advancement of solar thermal and hybrid energy conversion...

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Image of car made of plant greenery

Sustainable Transport

Transport is the second largest source of carbon emissions in Australia after electricity production.  The transport sector will need to change significantly for...

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Wind power

Wind Energy

Research in the Wind Energy research cluster at the ANU and its partner organisation the WindScape Institute[1] covers a wide range of wind assessment, wind...

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