Energy Regulation & Governance

Energy Regulation & Governance includes research programmes in:

  • Global governance of artificial photosynthesis, energy and nanotechnology, and nanotechnology and energy security.
  • Financial incentives, examining the dominant model of renewable energy legislation in Australia (that which creates a market in tradable renewable electricity certificates, described overseas as renewable portfolio standard (RPS) laws) - and comparing this with the alternative legislative model (that of feed-in tariffs).
  • Planning law, transmission barriers and distributed energy, including intersections between emissions trading and renewable energy, anti-false claims legislation and carbon markets.
  • Energy governance and its implications for climate change: energy policy within individual countries, how energy governance can best facilitate  a move towards a low carbon economy, and how energy policy is coordinated internationally.
  • Design principles to support the creation of a low carbon energy regime and encourage energy innovation (eg pooling resources to create a global technology development fund; minimising intellectual property constraints on use of new technology and integrating developing countries effectively into global energy governance).