Name Type Download
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter November 2016 Newsletter pdf, 1.78 MB
ANU ECI Submission to COAG Energy Council, Energy Market Transformation Team on Consumer Protections for Behind the Meter electricity supply: Consultation on regulatory implications – 4 October 2016 Government submission pdf, 16 KB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter October 2016 Newsletter pdf, 1.75 MB
ANU ECI Submission to COAG Energy Council on Energy Storage Registration Consultation Paper – 20 September 2016 Government submission pdf, 389.7 KB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter August 2016 Newsletter pdf, 2.65 MB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter July 2016 Newsletter pdf, 2.2 MB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter June 2016 Newsletter pdf, 1.14 MB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter May 2016 Newsletter pdf, 1.84 MB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter February 2016 Newsletter pdf, 2.67 MB
2015 Annual report Annual report pdf, 831.49 KB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter December 2015 Newsletter pdf, 728.14 KB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter November 2015 Newsletter pdf, 2.89 MB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter September 2015 Newsletter pdf, 4.32 MB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter June/July 2015 Newsletter pdf, 3.43 MB
2014 Annual report Annual report pdf, 1.22 MB
ECI Submission Energy Green Paper 2014 Government submission pdf, 210.85 KB
Joint ECI/CCI e-newsletter February 2015 Newsletter pdf, 512.95 KB
Review of the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (Repeal) Bill 2014 Government submission pdf, 638.09 KB
Review of the Renewable Energy Target Government submission pdf, 964.3 KB
Emissions abatement options for Australia: assessments against criteria of magnitude, cost and quality Government submission pdf, 538.91 KB
Steven Chu: Energy and climate challenges (Energy Update 2014) Presentation pdf, 4.1 MB
ECI Annual Report 2013 Annual report pdf, 2.34 MB
ECI Annual Report 2012 Annual report pdf, 5.46 MB


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