Energy Conversations: Renewable Hydrogen


As the world transitions away from fossil fuels, renewable gases will provide fuel for transport, storage and industrial processes.

A panel of energy researchers and industry representatives will give their perspectives on the prospects for renewable hydrogen, followed by a Q&A session and informal discussion over a light lunch.

This event provides a forum for conversations between different parts of the local energy sector about emerging research and technology.

The following short presentations will kick off the discussion:

Production of Renewable Hydrogen - Professor Wojciech Lipinski, Leader of Solar Thermal Group, Research School of Engineering, ANU

Presentation (pdf, 534 KB)

Wojciech's presentation will provide an overview of renewable-energy based technologies for production of hydrogen including thermochemical, electrochemical and photochemical processes. End-use applications of hydrogen will be discussed along with hydrogen use as an intermediate chemical in fuel production and other processing. Examples illustrating selected recent R&D advances in the field will be given.

Hydrogen Generation from Renewable Sources - A Spanish Experience - Guillermo Alonso, Engineering Manger, Global Power Generation Australia

Presentation (pdf, 2 MB)

Guillermo is also Site Manager for the Crookwell 2 Wind Farm Construction and a local Director for Global Power Generation's Australian Portfolio. He has worked in the energy sector in Spain, Morocco, Jordan, Romania, Costa Rica, Ireland and Australia since 2010.

Hydrogen - Renewable energy solution for ACT - Ed Gaykema, ActewAGL

Presentation (pdf, 1 MB)

The ACT is in an uncommon position in that the electricity distribution network and the gas distribution network are both owned and operated by the same organisation (ActewAGL Distribution - AAD). This allows for optimisation of the performance of the complete power distribution network, including transportation power as vehicle fleets shift to new fuels.

Ed has worked in the gas industry for the past 35 years commencing in pipeline transmission and more recently in distribution. Ed is passionate about renewables, sustainability and innovation. He currently heads up ActewAGL's Strategic Project Services including Power to gas (hydrogen), biomethane and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.