Energy Conversations: Integrating Renewables and Storage into the grid


A panel of energy researchers and industry representatives will give their perspectives on integrating renewables into the grid, followed by a Q&A session and informal discussion over lunch.  

This event provides a forum for conversations between different parts of the local energy sector about emerging research and technology.


The many faces of battery storage: from household energy management to power system planning and operations - Dr Evan Franklin

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It is widely recognised that we are on the verge of a ‘storage revolution’, brought on via a combination of battery technology improvements, falling prices and a growing need to manage renewables expansion.  The most easily understood application of this storage revolution, and almost certainly the first to emerge en masse in Australia, is the so-called ‘behind the meter’ residential energy storage system, which aims to manage household energy demand while maximising on-site solar generation. However, battery storage systems are also capable of providing a range of other ‘services’ of value to electricity networks and to the broader power system. In this conversation we look at the multi-faceted role that battery storage will play in a high-penetration renewable energy future.

High Penetration of Wind and PV electricity in power system - Bin Lu 

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Bin Lu will discuss a recent study on simulations of high penetration of wind and solar PV electricity in the South West Interconnected System. 

Distributed Solar Forecasting and Simulations for Distribution Networks - Dr Nick Engerer

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In order to continue to grow Australia’s rooftop photovoltaic (PV) network, researchers at ANU have created a tool called the Regional PV Simulation System (RPSS), which can estimate the current and historical power production of all the rooftop PV systems installed in a given area.  Now, an upcoming project will develop the RPSS into an operational product that provides distribution network service providers (DNSPs) with real-time distributed PV simulations mapped to their electricity networks by leveraging a unique consortium of partners.

About the Speakers

Dr Evan Franklin is a Senior Lecturer and solar energy researcher at The Australian National University. With a strong history of research in solar photovoltaic cell technology, Evan’s curent research interests include the integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid and the emerging field of battery storage systems and control.

Bin Lu was a Senior Electrical Engineer with China Communications Contruction Co, and is now studying for a PhD in renewable energy with the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems at ANU.

Dr Nick Engerer is a lecturer in the Fenner School delivering lectures on topics in solar radiation and meteorology.  His research field is energy meteorology, with his current focus on distributed solar PV.  He is also very interested in severe weather, industry engagement and commercialisation of university research.

About Energy Conversations

Energy Conversations are an ongoing series of events, run by the Canberra branch of the Australian Institute of Energy (AIE) and the Energy Change Institute. The objective is to provide opportunities for AIE members, researchers, individuals and organisations in the local energy sector to converse on various energy related topics.

Hosted by the ANU Energy Change Institute and the Australian Institute of Energy (Canberra branch).