Energy Conversations: How renewables and storage will replace the coal clock

For decades, coal fired generation has been at the centre of Australian electricity generation, providing the inertia that underpins the stable operation of our grid. Coal fired generation has, like a clock, provided the mechanism that keeps our grid in sync over 40,000 km of our electricity system from Queensland to South Australia.

Now, we are in the midst of an energy revolution. Wind and solar generation are the cheapest form of new build generation and are getting cheaper by the year. Battery storage is rolling out in homes and in the grid and pumped hydro and new hydrogen storage capabilities are on their way.

In this talk we will discuss the roadmap for how renewables and energy storage can provide energy reliability and security, support our emissions reduction targets, and ultimately lower electricity prices for everyone in our community. Most importantly, this talk will discuss how we are going to keep the grid in sync as this energy transition occurs, allowing us to turn off these billion dollar clocks forever.


  • 5.30pm   Welcome
  • 5.35pm   Keynote speaker Dr Lachlan Blackhall, Entrepreneurial Fellow and Head, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, ANU
  • 6.00pm   Panel members: Mr Simon Corbell, Chief Advisor, Energy Estate; Dr Elizabeth Ratnam, Future Engineering Research Leader, ANU and Mr Jawad Shamsi, Renewable Energy Innovation Fund Coordinator, ACT Government
  • 6.15pm   Q&A
  • 7.00pm   Drinks and networking
  • 7.30pm   Close

This event is part of 'Energy Conversations', a series of ongoing public events, run by the ANU Energy Change Institute and the Canberra branch of the Australian Institute of Energy (AIE).