About the Energy Change Institute

Climate change is the challenge. Energy change is the key.

The Energy Change Institute provides authoritative leadership in energy research, education and public policy. We have a broad portfolio ranging from the science and engineering of energy generation and energy efficiency, to energy economics, regulation, security, sociology and policy.

The ECI comprises more than 300 staff and PhD students from all seven Colleges of the University, and over $100 million in infrastructure and facilities, supported by a major portfolio of external grant funding.


A key solution to the challenge of climate change is a world-wide shift to low-carbon forms of energy. Energy change that drives this transformation to a clean economy will also offer wider benefits to society by increasing economic productivity, and by improving energy access and security.

Technology and policy neutral

Our defining feature is that we are both technology and policy neutral. That is, we undertake research and education in key areas of energy technology and energy policy without favouring one particular area over another. This can and should create an open forum for good ideas leading to energy change.

Climate Change Institute

We collaborate closely with the highly regarded ANU Climate Change Institute (CCI). The CCI supports a cohesive, interactive community of researchers and teachers at ANU, aimed at building a powerful capability to meet the climate change challenge, from basic science, through impacts and adaptation, to solutions based on economics, institutions and energy technologies.

Public policy

Energy change has important implications for the development of public policy, and the ECI has a key role to play in public policy in the national capital. 

In 2012, three ECI researchers were selected amongst the nine inaugural ANU Public Policy Fellows across the University:

Since then, a further two ECI Public Policy Fellows have been recognised: